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Enhance9 Review

John Marksen, United States, 40 years old

I started using Enhance9 2 years ago, after the side effects of Viagra and Cialis became to much for me to function normally. I mean both viagra and cialis gave a good erection, however the side effects make it too hard for me to function after and I needed to recover for 1 or 2 days, which affected my work. A medical friend advised me to try a herbal medication which was “Enhance9” as alternative for the traditional ed tablets and I never regretted. Actually I wasn’t looking for a penis enlargement pill and mostly for an erection pill, however thanks to Enhance9 my penis size grown from 14 cm to 18cm after 1 year and I now confidently can take my girlfriend on top of me and not worried it goes out all the time and we can do many more sexual position due to my increased penis size. And erection is similar as hard as with cialis/viagra. So i am super happy with Enhance9 and can simply say for me it is the best male enhancement pills out there and I give it on a scale from 1-10 a 9.8!